Education Service, Fifth Level, Advertisement for the post of Technical Assistant

Day Khabar April 27, 2022

Ape 27, State Public Service Commission Far Western State, Dhangadhi, Kailali (Administration, Planning and Information Publication Branch) Advertisement of Open and Inclusive Competitive Examination for the post of Technical Assistant, Nepal Education Service, Education Administration Group, Fifth Level, Technical Assistant under State Civil Service.







Pursuant to Section 12 of the Employees Adjustment Act, 2075, Ministry of Social Development, Far Western Province, Dhangadhi, Kailali. As per the demand for vacancies from the letter dated 2070/11/18, the posts of Mepal Education Service, Education Administration Group, 5th level, Technical Assistant have to be filled through open and inclusive competitive examination as per the prevailing law. Application from the following qualified candidates Is called.

Types of exams: Written and interviewed. Written Exam Date: Will be published later. Medium: The medium (language) of the examination can be Nepali or English or both Nepali and English. Application will have to be submitted through online application system for all the posts advertised. The application can be submitted through the Commission’s online application system and details of the method / method of submitting the application can be found at https: //psc.sudurpashchim. can be viewed from

The application fee for each advertisement is Rs. 400 / – (four hundred) will have to be paid. In case of candidate applying for additional advertisement on behalf of inclusive group, Rs. 200 / – (two hundred) additional fee will have to be paid. Method and place of submitting application fee: After submitting the form from the Commission’s online application system, go to My Application and click on All Application, then click on Pay Button of the advertisement you have applied for, select Rastriya Banijya Bank in Bank Option and choose one of Online Payment or Offline Payment. Option to pay.

You will have to go to the bank and pay the prescribed amount.

Application Fee Submission Period: After submitting the application online, the candidate has to pay double fee along with the voucher mentioning Master ID and business code number. Fees / Double Fees must be paid.

Documents to be uploaded: Candidates submitting electronic application will have to fill in all the required details like educational qualification, inclusive group opening document and other documents specified in the relevant advertisement in the specified place of online application system in PDF format. All candidates should upload the front and back of their citizenship certificate, recent passport size photograph, signature in the specified place in JPG.Format.

Candidates should fill in the electronic application form and ensure that their personal details are correct. Candidates must mention their mobile number and email address while filling the details. In addition, the candidate himself should be fully accountable for the details mentioned in the application.

Last date to apply: 2079.02.03 and double fee paid till 2079.02.10. Age limit of the candidate: In case of male candidates, the age of 18 years should not be less than 35 years by 2079-02-03 and in case of female and disabled candidates, it should not be less than 40 years. Date of Interview: Information will be published when the result of the written test is published. Details of work to be done in the post: As prescribed by the state government regarding services and groups. Services, conditions and facilities: Services, conditions and facilities will be in accordance with the state law.

Ministry of Services: Ministries under the Far Western Province operating services, groups, subgroups. Minimum qualifications required: 1) Technical Assistant Education, Education Administration: Minimum D + and Cumulative Grade Point Average in each subject of class 11 and 12 (Theoretical and Experimental) (C.G.P.A) 1.6 academic certificate will be recognized.

Special information for open and inclusive examinations (1) Candidates applying for open and inclusive advertisement shall not be disqualified as per Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049.

(2) The open and inclusive written examination will be held on the same date and time in the same sitting. (No separate test for each service / group and open and inclusive group) (3) The results of the candidates selected from the written examination shall be published on the basis of alphabetical order. (4) Candidates selected from the written examination for the inclusive group shall not be allowed to choose the order of priority of the inclusive group.

The inclusive group of candidates will be maintained as per the prevailing arrangement of the Commission on the basis of the inclusive group mentioned by the candidate in the application form. (5) The program shall be decided in such a way that the candidates selected from the open and inclusive group and more than one inclusive group from the written examination towards the open and inclusive group will participate in the interview only once. In addition, the score of the interview will be counted in all the groups (open and inclusive) that the candidate has passed.

6) Recommendations will be made for appointment according to merit order obtained after examination of all stages and priority order of the office chosen by the candidate. Special Instructions for Candidates Applying for Inclusive Group Advertisement Candidates wishing to apply for inclusive group posts will have to prepare and submit the following documents at the time of application.

After being selected for the interview from the result of the written test, when you come to give the interview, along with the original of such documents, a self-certified copy should also be brought along. If the above mentioned documents are found to be valid at the time of application, the application may be canceled at any time.

B) In the case of Madhesis, a document certified as Madhesi by the Government of Nepal by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette, but a certificate certified as Madhesi by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level head until the organization is not specified by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette. In the case of Dalits, on the basis of the same list in the case of castes listed by the National Dalit Commission, but National c)

If there is more than one surname within the caste listed by the Dalit Commission, the document certified as the surname within the caste listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level chief. D) In ​​case of disability, on the recommendation of the approved physician, identity card certified as disability by the Social Welfare Council / concerned local level.

E) In the case of backward areas, the certificate of citizenship obtained from the district mentioned in the district mentioned in the clarification clause (1) of section 7 sub-section (7) of the Civil Service Act, 2049 and certified as permanent residence in the same place by the concerned local level. Letter stating the reason for obtaining citizenship from a district other than the district of permanent residence on the basis of recommendation up to 3 months before the date of filling up the document application form.

Obtained from the District Administration Office for issuance of citizenship, in case of marriage or migration in the district mentioned in the clarification clause (1) of sub-section (7) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049. Level migration open document.



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