How to check if there are names in the voter list? (With method)

Day Khabar May 6, 2022

May 06, 2022, The government has announced that local level elections will be held on Monday, April 12 in one phase. The people got local government for the first time five years ago.

Is this your name?

1. First you click on the Election Commission’s website (

2. Then select the name of your province, district, village or municipality in the table.

3. Then select the ward number and the center where you will be voting in the lower table.

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There are one crore 77 lakh 33 thousand 723 voters in the local level election on April 12.

Voters who have completed 18 years of age by April 12 will be able to cast their votes in the local elections.

The commission has already published the voters’ list. You can see your name by clicking here as you have registered your name in the voters list with photo and have completed 18 years by 29th of Baisakh.

After going to this link and selecting the details of your province, district, ward number and polling station, the details of all the voters in that constituency can be seen.

After choosing your name and putting your date of birth and citizenship number in the details, you can see all the details in the voter list.


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