Teacher’s License: Sample Objective Q&A

Day Khabar May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022, Teacher’s License: Elementary Level Sample Objective Q&A


Article 11b of the Education Act, 2028 (with amendments) to recommend the appointment and promotion of teachers and staff in the posts approved by the Government of Nepal in community schools across Nepal. According to the Teachers Service Commission has been formed.

This commission mainly recommends teacher selection and promotion on the basis of qualification system, provides teaching license to the person who wants to teach, prepares and approves curriculum for examination of teacher post and teaching license and makes suggestions to Government of Nepal regarding teacher service, conditions and facilities. Has been doing.

The selection of teachers has been done independently and impartially based on competency. Since the Fiscal Year 2061/62, it has been selecting teachers on the basis of competition through open advertisement and recommending for appointment. Similarly, the Commission has been distributing all three levels of teaching licenses for teachers through various advertisements.

The Constitution of Nepal recognizes the right of every Nepali citizen to receive basic education as a fundamental right. Similarly, the state has adopted the policy of producing capable and competitive manpower to fulfill the basic needs of the citizens. Supply of quality teachers is necessary for the implementation of these constitutional rights.

The Commission has felt the need to do more in the field of teacher selection along with the need to make the teaching and learning done by the teachers and theirs timely, technology friendly and standard. Accordingly, the commission has also made preparations to refine itself. Which is also a continuous process.

The Commission is working on the basis of vision for quality education for development, prosperity and change and selection of qualified and capable teachers for this purpose. The cooperation and goodwill of all is needed to move the work of the Commission forward in a fair, credible, transparent and reliable manner. The Commission always welcomes appropriate advice, suggestions and guidance from the general stakeholders in this direction.  https://tsc.gov.np/

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