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A large number of jobs have been opened in the National Research Department, {with notification}

Government of Nepal Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers National Research Department

Barafbagh, Kathmandu

(Date of First Publication of Notice 2080l0302)

Investigative Officer (Gazetted Grade III) and Research Assistant (Gazetted Grade II) of Special Service operated by Public Service Commission

Notice inviting applications for the post


Vacancies in this department and the offices under it for the positions of Research Officer (Gazetted 3rd Class) and Research Assistant (Gazetted 2nd Class) for filling up the posts through open competitive examination in accordance with inclusive principles from the meeting of the Selection Committee for Research Officer and Research Assistant held on 2080.03.01 as follows Since it has been decided to publish notices for advertisement in vacant positions, applications are invited from Nepali citizens who meet the following qualifications.



(5) How to fill the application form :- The application form has to be filled through the online system with personal details and necessary documents by logging into the website of the National Research Department www.nidept.gov.np. The roll number will be maintained after the details filled in the application form are verified by the department.

After that you can print the admit card by logging in your ID and password from the online system Documents:-

(6) Compulsory attachment while filling online application (each file should be maximum 300 KB)

(A recent passport size photograph.

(b) Scanned copy or photograph of Nepali citizenship certificate.

(c) Scanned copy or photograph of candidate’s signature.

(d) Marksheet and characteristic PDF file/scanned copy or photograph of the prescribed educational qualification or equivalent as per the post. of the certificate

e) Candidates applying towards Tribal/Tribal, Madhesi, Dalit and Backward Areas (with 3 months duration) under Inclusive Group must submit PDF file/scan copy or photograph of attested certificate from the official body.

(7) Syllabus available website :- Syllabus of examination National Research Department website www.nidept. It can be downloaded from gov.np/career

(8) Application Fee (Revenue) :- (a) For the post of Research Officer Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand) and above for each group

Rs. 200/- will have to pay additional fee. The examination fee can be submitted from any branch of National Commercial Bank by generating vouchers from e-Sewa Connect IPS Online and Voucher from Offline. (Candidates applying only towards the Inclusive Group will also have to submit a revenue of at least Rs. 1,000/- (one thousand rupees)

(b) For the post of Research Assistant :- Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred) and for each group more than one Rs. 60/- (Sixty rupees) additional fee will have to be submitted. The examination fee can be submitted online from any branch of National Commercial Bank by generating vouchers from e-Sewa and Connect IPS and Offline. (Candidates applying only for the inclusive group will also have to pay at least Rs. 300/- (three hundred revenue).

(9) Period for registration of application :- Within 30 days from the date of first publication of notice in Gorkhapatra


(Up to date 2080/03/31) Application can be registered within 7 days (up to date 2060.04.07) from the last date of registration of application. (10) Contact date for examination: After the due date for payment of fees, a notification will be published on the department’s website.

(11) Applicants for the post of Examination Center Research Officer can have examination center at Kathmandu Examination Center of Public Service Commission and applicants for Research Assistant post can have examination center at the Public Service Commission offices of their choice (Dhankuta, Jaleshwar, Hetauda, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Birendranagar and Dhangadhi). The written examination will be conducted by establishing examination centers at the places designated by the Commission.

(12) Other details :- (a) Candidates who have filled the application without submitting the form will not be allowed to participate in the examination.

(b) Candidates should carry the full copy of admit card and citizenship while appearing for each round of examination

Must be present.

(c) The results will be published after the completion of each round of examination and only the qualified candidates will be admitted to the next examination. (d) Candidates successful in the written examination from the Hospital of the Armed Police Force, Nepal, of the said Hospital

A detailed health examination will be conducted as per the standard.

(e) Only successful candidates in the medical examination will be included in the other stages of the examination. (f) While attending the final interview test, the candidates should bring the full citizenship, educational qualification certificate, inclusion group opening document and certified copies of the same.

(g) Convicted of any criminal offense showing moral turpitude and member of any illegal organization or association

A person who is present will not be allowed to participate in the examination. (h) Any government employee who has qualified in an open competitive examination for appointment to the post of Research Officer and Research Assistant may be a candidate. For that, a document must be submitted with the approval of the office where they are working.

(i) Candidates who have passed all the stages will be recommended by the selection committee for filling the post based on the general principles to be adopted in the appointment and promotion of the service of the National Research Department in consultation with the Public Service Commission, 2066 and the Nepal Special Service Regulations, 2044 (with amendments).

source- https://epaper.gorkhapatraonline.com/pdf/798?file=/uploads/file/2023/6/gorkhapatra/2023-06-17-12-10-13-gopa-asar-2.pdf