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Cabinet meeting lunch reduction, annual saving of 60 lakhs

The government has reduced the lunch expenses of the cabinet meeting from today. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has cut the lunch of the meeting saying that reforms should be started from small issues in the Cabinet meeting held at Singha Darbar this morning.



According to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, the decision was taken as reforms were announced in the entire structure of the state.


According to the Prime Minister’s Office, about 60,000 is spent on lunch for each cabinet meeting. There are more than 100 cabinet meetings in a year.


Prime Minister Dahal’s press adviser Govind Acharya informed that with the reduction of lunch in the Cabinet, about Rs. 60 lakh has been saved annually. Normal lunch has been started in the Cabinet meeting.


He said that Prime Minister Dahal initiated reforms from his own office as even small issues are considered important in good governance and reforms. He said that the work of good governance and reform will be continued.


Prime Minister Dahal, who has announced to change the working style of the government, reaches the Prime Minister’s Office at Singha Darbar every day at 10 am except on public holidays.


The Prime Minister has been taking daily ‘briefings’ of various ministries from Singha Durbar and taking initiatives to solve the problems encountered in projects such as national pride.


Meanwhile, the government’s decision to mention Nepal Samvat in all government documents has been implemented. Prime Minister’s Press Adviser Govind Acharya informed that Prime Minister Dahal started mentioning the date of Nepal Samvat in his greeting messages on various occasions. Rasas