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Community school employees withdrew the protest program

The movement of school employees working in public schools has been suspended. The protest was suspended as the Ministry of Education called for talks.

Nepal School Staff Union, Nepal Community School Staff Association and Nepal School Staff Council issued a joint statement today saying that they have withdrawn the protest program.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has formed a dialogue team on behalf of the government and invited them to come to the dialogue by creating an environment for dialogue and with the high appreciation of public opinion, the program of school closure has been postponed for the time being.


Since the school employees working in the community schools have been forced to work for a monthly salary of 8 thousand, 13 thousand 500 rupees, they started the protest demanding professional stability with various service facilities. All community schools were closed today as part of the phased movement.


The order of the Supreme Court on January 23, 2067, which states the service, conditions, and facilities of public school employees, has not been implemented, and as the order on August 12, 2071, to implement it fully within 6 months, it has been forced to announce an unpleasant and harsh protest program. It is mentioned in the statement made by the state.

They say that the point 127 of the policy and program of the fiscal year 2080 081 will address the issues of service facilities for school employees working in public schools, but since the issue was omitted in the budget presented to the federal parliament on the 15th, they say that they have been protesting by announcing the programs of the protest.


In addition, if the government is not serious in addressing the demands of the movement through negotiations, if the Supreme Court decision is not implemented, the agreements and agreements made in the past years, the ministerial decision of 19th August 2079, again,

demand that the government not be in a frenzy in the work of borrowing and stopping the movement, but the service law should be fully implemented. It has also warned that the postponed protest programs will be resumed if not completed.