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Notification regarding of teacher roster

Notification regarding filling/filling of teacher roster.



Online for the purpose of updating the details (roster) of teachers willing to participate in the examination-related work conducted by the National Examination Board (question paper preparation, question paper revision, answer book testing/auditing, examination supervision, external examiner of practical examination, instructor training etc.) There is a request for information from everyone related to the information related to the Teacher Roster Field included in the Online Registration entry in the National Examination Board website (https://exam.neb.gov.np, 8081) so that the details can be entered through.


Therefore, interested teachers/teachers teaching in classes 11 and 12 should mention the field, taught subject, specialized subject and years of teaching experience and attach a copy of the citizenship certificate and a copy of the certificate of higher educational qualification to the respective schools and the principals of the respective schools should enter the address mentioned above.

It is requested that you enter the details of the interested teachers of your respective schools and keep the recommendation letter by the end of 2080 magh.


There is a request for information regarding the format for filling the recommendation letter of teachers, including the procedure posted on the board’s website.


– Controller of Examinations