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Public holiday on Chaite Dashain

Mangalsen municipality has decided to give a public holiday on the day of Chaite Dashain. The municipality published a notice in its gazette on Monday and decided to make public holiday on Tuesday 4th Baishak.



A notice was published in the gazette on 2nd of Baisakh and it is said that the holiday has been given because Chaite Dashain will be celebrated in the city area and Dashain fair will be held in Jupu Khaula. The 10th meeting of the municipal executive held on the 30th of Chaitra last month had decided to give a public holiday to all offices in the municipality and under it.


Achham has a tradition of celebrating Chaite Dashai every year on the day before Ram Navami (Chait Shukla Ashtami). Even those who are away from home for Chaitra Dashain return to their village to celebrate Chaite Dashain.

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