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See Mata Pathibhara’s horoscope on Friday 8th Mansir

Aries – Bone joint problems will bother you a lot. There will also be problems in financial transactions. Not much interested in religious activities. The trust of others can be won easily. In addition to speeding up intellectual work, there will be an opportunity to solve old problems.


Taurus – There will be plenty of opportunities for educational advancement. Married people will have a happy married life. Please consider food. There is a chance to get new jobs. The time will be favorable for those doing educational business. Foreign operations will continue smoothly.


As Gemini-character-related accusations may come, it will be beneficial to stay away from the opposite sex. You may get an opportunity to travel somewhere far away. There will be special benefits in industry and business. Enemies and competitors can be easily defeated. There will be a proper reward for the deeds done.


Cancer – Differences with mother, father and children will increase. There will be interruption in studies, today’s decision may be bad, you have to think a little while making a decision. Disputes in transactions are likely to increase. There will be benefits from past labor. With the stoppage of work, there may be a shock in respect. Even if there are various opportunities, the habit of making promises to others will cause suffering.


Leo – Stop giving cash support, focus on intelligence rather than strength. Looking at income and expenditure, the situation will be moderate. There will be a lot of expenses. It is time to receive various gifts. The helpers will give good support. It is time to finish the work that has been stopped and start a new one. You will be able to take on new tasks and responsibilities.


Virgo – You should be very careful about privacy because you will not be interested in religious work, luck will not support you, you will be betrayed. If you are trying to live abroad, you will get it easily. If the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, if they live apart, the situation of union will be created.


Libra – There will be an opportunity to connect houses and vehicles. The relationship between husband and wife will be harmonious. Success will be achieved in accordance with the goal in business. Couldn’t be edited at the expected time. Disagreement or resentment with loved ones seems to increase. Decrease in decisiveness. Many will appreciate your work.


Scorpio – Bones, nerves and stomach problems will increase, so you should be very careful in your diet. It is advisable to continue in privacy. There will be plenty of income opportunities. Forgotten friends will remember, but there may be a fight with someone. It is a good day for students. If you trust others, you will be cheated in the end.


Conflict between Sagittarius husband and wife will increase. The mind will be worried because domestic problems will bother you, friends and relatives will betray you. You can comment on your weaknesses. Misunderstanding of speech can lead to arguments. Helpers can avoid. Please pay special attention to privacy. Expected work will inspire enthusiasm.


Capricorn – Efforts made in job and politics will be positive. There may also be an opportunity to eat sweet food. There is a time to earn a lot of money, even if there are some problems in the work pressure in agriculture and four-wheelers. Others may criticize if the work is not diligent. You can make a good leap in professional work.


With the influence of Kumbha-Boli, you will be able to successfully convince others and move forward with your work. Foreign affairs will progress at a rapid pace. It seems that health will become weak due to inattention to food. Confusion in meetings may spoil today’s plans, please pay attention. It may lead to compromise with challenges.


Pisces- There may be financial difficulties due to limited income. You may have to travel in vain, beneficial travel will be reduced, you may have trouble in love. Please be patient as there may be some shortfall in your studies when the love affair progresses. The disease that has been cured seems to be bothering again. In addition to the work that has been stopped for a long time, the source of income will also increase.