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SEE starts from Thursday: 5 lakh more to take the exam

All the preparations for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) which will start from Thursday have been completed. According to the National Examination Board, the final preparations for this year’s SERE exam, which will be conducted from 15th to 27th, have been completed.



Chairman of the board, Prof. Dr. Mahashram Sharma informed that all the preparations for the exam, which will be conducted from March, have been completed and the question papers and answer sheets have been distributed to the districts. He also appealed to everyone to conduct the examination peacefully.



“All preparations for the SEE exam, which will start simultaneously across the country from tomorrow, have been completed. I call upon all the examinees to participate in the examination without fear, Sharma said, “We also call on the students, teachers, parents and all citizens to conduct the examination in a peaceful, dignified and fearless environment.” According to him, the exam will be conducted on Chait 15th from 8 am to 11 am and will be completed on Chait 27th.


On the first day there will be an English test. According to the board, the human resources including the head of the center who will be involved in the examination have been oriented to conduct the SEE in an orderly, dignified, fair, fearless and peaceful environment.

An exam center in Japan

Exam controller Poudel said that 23 people from Japan will participate in this year’s SEE exam. According to him, 23 students, including 15 female and eight male students, will take the exam from one examination center at Everest School in Japan.

Question Papers and Answer Sheets District-wise

The board has sent all the materials required for the examination including the question papers and answer booklets to the respective districts. The board has printed five lakh question papers this year.

Examination controller Paudel informed that the board has already sent the question papers required for the examination to the police offices of 77 districts across the country. According to him, the question papers will be sent to the respective examination centers with police protection only a short time before the examination on the day of the examination of each subject.

Giving information that the answer book and other materials have been sent from the seven provinces to the districts, Poudel said that the preparation of the provinces and districts for the examination has also been completed. The budget required for conducting the examination will be managed by the provincial governments of all the seven provinces and the Ministry of Social Security.

The examination center of Japan will be monitored by the Nepali Embassy in Japan. The principal of the school with the center in Japan has been given the responsibility of the center president. Exam controller Paudel informed that the answer sheet was sent by post and the question paper was sent by email before the exam started in Japan.

Manpower deployed for exams

According to the board, 77,485 manpower will be mobilized directly for SERE examination. Center president will be assigned at the rate of one person per center.

Two thousand 64 examination centers have been designated across the country. In addition, 4,128 assistant center heads have been assigned at the rate of one person for every 150 students, and 25,222 inspectors have been assigned at the rate of one person for every 20 students.

Similarly, 5,054 examination assistants will be assigned at the rate of one person for 100 examinees, while 10,811 office assistants will be assigned at the rate of one person for 50 examinees. 30,960 security personnel will be mobilized at the rate of 15 in each examination center.

According to Paudel, the number of security personnel can be increased according to the requirements of the examination center. According to him, the District Examination Coordinating Committee under the coordination of the Chief District Officer in each district will be able to increase the mobilization of security personnel.

35 percent marks are required to pass the exam

Although the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology issued the ‘Letter Grading Guideline 2078’ on 7th January 2078 through a ministerial decision, it could not be implemented. In this year’s exam, the board has implemented the ‘Letter Grading Guide 2078’.

In the past, there was a provision to get 35 percent from both theoretical and practical, with the board implementing the guidelines for the first time this year.

Exam controller Paudel said that the examinee must score at least 35 marks in theoretical subjects and 40 marks in practical subjects, and 100 marks are perfect.