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What is the salary of an employee of which level ?

The government has increased the salaries of employees. The government has increased the salaries of employees by 15 percent.

The previous monthly allowance of Rs 2,000 has been continued.

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma on Sunday presented the budget for the coming fiscal year 2079/80 and increased the salaries of government employees by 15 percent. Along with this, the salary of employees of different levels has been increased from at least Rs. 3520 to Rs. 10260.

Salary of teachers, army and police will also increase. This will also increase the income of pensioners.

Former Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel had increased the allowance by 2,000 rupees for the current year 2078/79 without increasing the salary of the employees. This time, the salary has been increased by 15% from the budget of Finance Minister Sharma.

The increased salary will be applicable for civil servants as well as police, army, teachers and professors.

Despite the practice of reviewing the service facilities of the employees every two and a half years, only two thousand allowances were increased in the current year due to the covid effect.

What is the salary of an employee of which post?

After the 15% increase in the monthly salary (excluding allowances) of the government employees, the minimum wage has also increased by Rs. Similarly, the second tier has increased by about Rs 3700 to Rs 28,355. The salary of the third tier employees has also increased by around Rs. 3900 to close to Rs. 30,000.

Similarly, the current monthly salary of the fourth level employees has been increased by about Rs. 4200 and that of the fifth level employees by about Rs. 4600.

The salary of Gazetted Anankit employees has been increased from a minimum of Rs 4560 to a maximum of Rs 4920.

Similarly, the salary of Gazetted employees has been increased from a minimum of Rs. 6,000 to a maximum of Rs. 10,261.

At the same time, the monthly salary of government employees has risen from at least Rs 26,990 to Rs 78,667. Apart from this, they will also get an additional monthly allowance of Rs 2,000.

41,975 for the third category. Similarly, second class employees have reached Rs 46,357 while first class employees have reached Rs 53,365. The monthly salary of the secretary will reach Rs 56,582 while the monthly salary of the special secretary will be Rs 66,652. Similarly, the Chief Secretary has reached Rs 70,406. sourse: https://www.sajilosanjal.com/what-is-the-salary-of-an-employee-of-which-level/