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6 lakh license cards coming from Germany today

Germany’s Muehlwar company is sending 600,000 license (driver’s permit) cards to Kathmandu on Thursday. The company has got the contract to send 1.2 million cards from the transport system.


Of which 6 lakh cards are going to be sent on Thursday. The remaining 6 lakh cards will be sent within 45 days.



Uddhav Prasad Rizal, director general of the department, said that 6 lakh cards are coming from Germany through Qatar Airways. According to him, card printing will be started from the first week of January. Rizal said that the department has the capacity to print 7,000 cards in a day, even if the department’s machines are running 24 hours a day.


As soon as the card arrives, we will send it to Germany again to test the card’s lab. It takes about a week to reach Germany,” Rizal said. “After that, we will start printing.” According to the department, there are currently 1.458 thousand drivers who have passed and renewed their driver’s licenses waiting for the card.


According to the department, the printing of licenses has been stopped for the last 6 months. Currently, the department is issuing licenses to a very limited number of people who are going to work abroad and study abroad. It has also been found that there is financial manipulation.


This number is 350 to 400 daily. The department currently lacks cards to print licenses with electronic chips. Due to the lack of cards, the printing of licenses has been stopped since last June.


A very small number of cards are being printed from the limited number of cards that the department has. According to the department, 4,000 to 5,000 people pass and renew their licenses every day.

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