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At least 35 percent marks should be scored in SEE now

Chairman of the National Examination Board, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, has said that students must score at least 35 percent in the SEE exam to be conducted in 2080.


In the examination guidance program organized by National PAPSON Bhaktapur for the students who will participate in the SEE of the academic year 2080, he asked the students not to get confused that there will be no SEE examination in 2080.


Chairman of the board Dr. Sharma said, “The NG (non-grading if 35 percent marks are not scored in any subject) system is now being implemented in SEE. Since the new grading system will be implemented from this year’s SEE exam, now students must score 35% in SEE to study higher education.
Dr. Tara Prasad Giri, a famous motivator in the program, said that people who follow the guidance of teachers and parents will be successful, saying that the future should be made in school life.


Sanjay Khadka, president of National PAPSON Bhaktapur, said in the guidelines that students and parents are still confused that even if they do not study, they will pass because of the alphabet system. He urged the students not to fall into such illusions and make the learning stronger.


In the program, former examination controller and deputy secretary Arjun Bahadur Rayamazhi, central member of National PAPAN ZIB Khadka and others emphasized that schools, parents and students should improve the teaching system which is deteriorating due to covid. Rasas