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Devotees donated 98 tonnes of gold to Pathibhara in 15 months

Recently, more than 98 tolas of gold were collected from the famous Patibhara Temple, a pilgrimage site.


According to Shambhu Prasad Gautam, chairman of the refinery sub-committee, 98 tola 41 of red gold donated by devotees were collected and weighed in the last 15 months. According to him, the gold was not “refined”. During the same period, 92 kg and 650 grams of silver were collected. Even money is not refined.


The Patibhara Area Development Committee reported that unrefined gold and silver collected from the temple from August 7 to November 16 last year was prepared for refining.


Details of the gold and silver collected over two years have already been confirmed. According to the data, the gold refined from August 18, 2077 to August 6, 2079 amounted to 86 tola and 93 zloty.


The double-weighed gold was not sold. This time, the collected gold will be auctioned after refining, said Prajin Hangbang, executive director of the Pathibhara Region Development Committee. The amount of donations collected in Pathibhara is also calculated in the same way.


Hangbang’s executive director said work is underway to sort the banknotes collected by the temple and stored at the Regional Development Commission warehouse. He said that the work of sorting and counting the banknotes that have been accumulating for a long time could continue with the addition of inadequate staff. grocery store