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Foreigners can apply online for immediate driving license print

The Department of Transportation Management is going to accept the applications of Nepali citizens who need a driving license as soon as possible online.


The department is going to start this arrangement from the 15th of poush.Nepali citizens going abroad for study and employment and Nepali Army and Nepal Police going abroad for peacekeeping missions can apply for speedy printing of driver’s license through the department’s online driver’s license system portal.



Link- http://applydinew.dotm.gov.np/


Uddhav Prasad Rizal, director general of the department, while talking to Tekpana, said, “If urgent driver’s license has to be printed, Nepali citizens have to apply online with reasons. If the reason is clear, we print and issue the license within three days.”


If there is no technical problem, the smart card will be printed and distributed from the help desk of the department. Therefore, when coming to get a driver’s license, you have to go to the department with a copy of the document uploaded on the portal and a printout of the online application.