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From October 5, DV Lottery 2024 can be filled, no passport required, 5 things to note

Sep 27, 2022, DV can be filled from October 5. DV Lottery 2024 can be registered online from October 5 to November 8. According to New York time, the DV lottery can be filled from 12 noon on October 5th to 12 noon on November 8th.

Winners of Div 2024 can get visa till September 30, 2024 and result will come in May 2023. Those who participated in the DV lottery in the past can also fill the DV this time. Also, this time passport is not mandatory to participate in the DV Lottery.

1, To be eligible for DV, you must have studied up to 12th standard or have the specified work experience. If you do not have these qualifications, then do not fill DV. Some of them have been arrested by the police for submitting fake educational certificates and have even been barred from entering the US forever.



2. When filling the DV, the details such as name, date of birth, place of birth, photo, address, phone number, email etc. must be submitted. Do not use photos that have been used in the past or are more than 6 months old. Some of them have been using the photos that have already been used when filling the DVD. Similarly, some people also use the photo that was previously used in the US visa when filling the DV. Do not make this mistake. Take a new photo and fill the DVD. There is a possibility of disqualification for DVD if the entire photo is used.

3. While filling the DV, the married should mention all the details of the couple and those who have children should mention all their details. Some people even mention single, under the delusion that there is more chance of getting filled by mentioning single, which is wrong. There are many examples of married people who are single and facing problems after receiving the DV. Similarly, those who did not mention the details of their children while filling the DV have also been facing problems while getting the visa after the DV. Some people’s visas are also rejected. 

4, When filling the DV, it should be filled only from the official website of the government. After October 5, the link to fill the DV will be available on the official website of the government. Click here for that. There is a possibility of being cheated and not only losing money but also having your details stolen when you fill up the DV through any third party organization or person or website.

5. The State Department of the US Government has warned that applicants who apply more than once will be automatically disqualified. Some people have submitted more than one application under the delusion that there is a higher chance of getting a DV. But doing this will make all your applications ineligible for DV. Even if some of your relatives have filled the DV in your name, you should not apply for another DV.