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No more SEEs

A proposal has been put forward that henceforth there will be no Secondary Education Examination (SEE).


In the draft of the school education bill advanced by the government, it is proposed that the examination of class 8 will be conducted locally and the examination of class 12 will be conducted by the national examination board. After not taking the SEE exam, Panika’s status is going to end.


The SLC examination, which started in 1990, is on the verge of being canceled with the advent of federalism. In the draft, which has been kept secret without informing any high official of the ministry, the right of education up to class 12 will be given to the local level.

Now only basic and secondary level education will be maintained. In the same way, the Teachers Service Commission has arranged for the school staff to take the exam. It is proposed to operate the Commission in the modality of Public Service Commission.


Although the Public Service Commission is a constitutional body, the Teachers Service Commission has been maintained as an autonomous body under the Ministry. In the draft, it is proposed to transfer one local level teacher to any local level. In the draft, there is a provision to coordinate between the two local levels when teachers are transferred between two local levels. Similarly, it has also been proposed to increase the service period of temporary teachers. It is said that the draft has been prepared to count the first 7 years of all teachers.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has prepared to take the draft of the School Education Bill to Parliament today. Minister Ashok Kumar Rai, who was preparing to register at the Federal Parliament Secretariat on Wednesday, could not register due to lack of time, the ministry said. This news is in Nepal newspaper Dainik.