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Order appointing Information Officer in the University (with order)

The National Information Commission has ordered the universities to appoint Information Officers.


The Commission has ordered the appointment of Information Officers after receiving complaints about non-provision of information.




Article 27 of the Constitution of Nepal states that every citizen shall have the right to request and receive information on any matter of his own or public concern, and it is the responsibility of every public body to implement the provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2064 and the Right to Information Regulations, 2065 brought to implement that provision.


The commission also reminded that it will happen.

“All universities shall appoint an information officer as mentioned in the Right to Information Act, 2064, publish the information officer’s name, position, contact phone (mobile) number and other necessary details, and publish them automatically in 3-3 months”, the statement issued by the commission said, “Information In the event of a demand, providing information immediately, making a record of details and statistics for which information is requested and making it public, etc.