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SEE should not be scrapped: National Examinations Board

The National Examination Board has suggested the government not to cancel the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). This was discussed in Thursday’s meeting of the Parliament’s Education, Health and Information Technology Committee.



In the discussion, the chairman of the board, Mahashram Sharma, said that in the proposed school education bill, the examination of class 10 was missing, and insisted to conduct the SEE regionally. The Commission has proposed not to cancel.


He said that SEE cannot be removed without investigation. He said that if there is a provision for board exams in class 8, 10 and 12 even in neighboring countries, there is no guarantee that the result of removal in Nepal will be positive.


“If the class 12 exam is taken after class 8, 50 percent of students pass, but if the class 10 exam is removed, this rate drops to 30 percent,” said Sharma. He said that if a student fails in class 10, they will study till class 12, but if they fail in class 12, they can drop out, so SEE cannot be removed.


News Source- https://baahrakhari.com/detail/409819