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Seven points of agreement between the government and the protesting teachers (full text)

Various 7 points have been agreed between the government and the protesting teachers. After the talks held at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday, an agreement was reached to withdraw all the programs of the movement from Saturday.

According to the agreement, there has been an agreement on maintaining the dignity of teachers teaching in public schools of Nepal, on the provisions in the bill for amending and unifying the laws related to school education, respecting the sovereignty of the parliament and facilitating the process in accordance with the existing law on the parliamentary system, practice and operation of the federal parliament.

The full text of the draft agreement is as follows:

1. Maintaining dignity of teachers teaching in public schools of Nepal.

2. “Regarding the sovereignty of the Parliament in the following provisions in the bill to amend and unify the law related to school education, facilitate the process to proceed according to the existing law on the parliamentary system, practice and operation of the Federal Parliament.

(a) Forming a study committee with representation from the Nepal Teachers Federation and experts on teacher adjustment, tier system and periodical promotion and making necessary legal arrangements according to the committee’s report

(b) To provide for ten years of service in the first grade for promotion to a specific grade in the secondary level.

(c) Arrangements for calculating the service period of teachers affected by the democratic movement and conflict.

(d) To revise the provisions relating to punishment for professional safety and to provide that teachers cannot be punished without reason. (e) To make necessary arrangements for the promotion of teachers who were appointed through open competition in the posts including Lower Secondary II and Primary II category in the past.

9 When transferring a teacher within the relevant local level, the consent of the principal in the case of the teacher and the consent of the school management committee in the case of the principal is required.

(g) Developing early child development education as a foundation of education and joining early child development support workers to the social security fund.

(h) To include the provision of treatment expenses received by the teacher as per Education Regulations, 2059.

(j) To arrange the date of commencement of contributory pension in the same manner as for civil servants.

3. Formulate regulations with the participation of education-related experts and the Nepal Teachers Federation and include the following topics in the regulations

(a) To arrange such that principal role in case of teacher and chairman of school management committee in case of headmaster is the primary role in performance evaluation.

(A) Other matters related to Nepal Teachers’ Federation including professional rights and interests. (c) Determination of the number of parents in the school management committee of public schools

related subject. (d) Disability Allowance, Special Allowance and road increase and adjustment for school teachers and staff

Subjects related to facilities and others.

(e) Matters related to the accumulated leave of public school teachers and the amount thereof.

4. The subject to be included in the national standard: (a) The subject of the promotion of school staff.

(b) The subject of minimum wages of employees working in public schools, affiliation to social security fund and other facilities:

(c) Subject to grant of appointment letters of teachers and staff of institutional schools, minimum wages,

Membership in Social Security Fund and other facilities and records management. (d) Matters related to training and capacity building of teachers and staff working in schools.

(e) In relation to formulating a model law to maintain uniformity in the selection service facilities and conditions of school employees.

(f) Arrangements related to the matching of teachers’ posts and matching of posts based on local needs, thematic arrangements, the number of students and the access of students and coordinating with the relevant education office on this matter.

4. With the recognition that school is a peaceful area, all kinds of school activities should be organized within the scope of the federal law related to the operation of essential services, and provide teachers with the necessary security guarantees.

5. To arrange for 100% of those who have been appointed in former higher secondary schools, relief, special education subsidy quota and are appointed in continuous service before date 2073.3.15 and in the case after that, they will be filled by limited competition.

6. With the recognition that the school is a peaceful zone, all kinds of school activities must be provided within the scope of the federal law, teaching and learning, and provide necessary security to the teachers.

7. All kinds of programs called by the Federation of Nepal Teachers, focusing on Kathmandu, will be conducted regularly in all kinds of schools, including public ones, from today.