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The best time for Dashain Tika is at 11:51 PM

Sep 18, 2022, This year, the best time for Vijayadashami is Wednesday, October 19, at 11:51 am, according to the Nepal Panchang Adjudicatory Development Committee.

On that day, at 10:34 a.m. after immersion of the goddess, the committee said that at 11:51 a.m., tika can be offered as prasad to the goddess. The committee has also said that vaccination should be done after doing the Eastern Mohada. Prof.


Srikrishna Adhikari, the Chairman of the committee, informed that although tika can be administered throughout the day on Vijayadashami, because they want to administer the tika on the day itself.

The auspicious auspicious days related to Badadashain of the year 2079 are informed to everyone as follows.



He said that the state administrator should take tika and prasad from the dignitaries at the time specified by the committee. In many parts of the country, tikas and blessings are offered to the goddess till the day of Kojagrat Purnima. In some parts, tika is done only on the day of Vijayadashami as an offering to the goddess. Dashain is celebrated as a national festival in Nepal. During Dashain, the atmosphere itself becomes a time of celebration.

On the 10th of October at 10:23 a.m., the auspicious time of Ghatasthapana This year, Navratri is starting from Monday, October 10th. Ghatasthana is performed on the first day of Navratri. 10:23 am is auspicious for Ghatasthapana. Surya Prasad Dhungel, executive director of the committee, said that the best time to change the flag on October 11 is at 11:11.

Pachalibhairav ​​Yatra will be held on Friday, October 14th. Phulpati festival falls on Sunday, October 16th. On this day, at 10:05 in the morning, the Tulja Bhavani Yatra time was set. The time of Tulja Bhawani’s burial is 11:35 am. Maha Ashtami festival falls on Monday, October 17th. Kalaratri festival is celebrated at night. The Mahanavami festival is on Tuesday, October 18th. Vijayadashami festival falls on Wednesday 19 October. This is the main day of Badadashain, the great festival of Nepali. On this day, 7:35 am is the time for Tulja Bhawani Yatra.

All the sacrifices have to be fulfilled on Saturday, October 22. The Kojagrat Purnima festival is celebrated on Sunday, October 23rd. On this day, the 15-day long Durga Paksha or Dashain festival ends after worshiping Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, at home in the evening. On the occasion of Bada Dashain, the market shops are also crowded. It is also celebrated in a joyful atmosphere as a festival to wear good clothes and eat sweets.

The government has also been operating Supath Price Shops for the sale and distribution of food items at concessional prices during Dashain. During Dashain, especially children play ping pong and fly kites. There is also a saying in Nepali society that Dashain festival is for children. Children enjoy this festival, while adults celebrate it by worshiping and worshiping the goddess. On the occasion of this festival, there is a special presence of devotees in Shaktipeeth all over the country. There is also a large presence of devotees who worship with sacrifices at the Shaktipeeth.