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Thursday is a public holiday

Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan Municipality has given public holiday to all the schools within Nepalgunj area on Thursday.


The sub-metropolitan said that the holiday was given on the occasion of Mohammed Day, which is celebrated by Muslims.

In the notification issued by Deputy Secretary of Nepalgunj Sub Metropolitan Municipality Gorakh Bahadur Thapa, on the occasion of the 1445th birth anniversary of the founder of Islam Hazrat Mohammad Prophet Allah Alaihis Salam, as Muslims are going to celebrate with joy all over the world including Nepal, it is said that a public holiday has been given in all the schools of Nepalgunj area.

In the notification issued, it is stated that public holidays have been given in all religious schools (madrasas, gurukuls), community schools and institutional schools in Nepalgunj area.

It has been informed in the notification that the class 12 exam will be conducted according to the program of the National Examination Board.


NEWS SOURCEः GORKHAPATRA ONLINE      https://gorkhapatraonline.com/news/79823