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15 Motivational Quotes About Fatherhood

There are only fathers in this world who want to see their children grow ahead of them.

The second name of discipline is father.



Fathers do not let their children suffer no matter how much they want.

Whenever the child makes a wish, the father fulfills it first.

Since God cannot take care of everyone, he sent him to this world as a father.

A father always wants his son to be more successful than himself.

Although we are known by our name in the city, we are known by our father’s identity in the village.

To see the form of God is to see your father as God
My identity is with my father.

For our happiness, father kills his will.

Whenever the hour of sorrow comes, then the name of Baba comes first.

This world is incomplete without a father.

We may change but Father’s love never changes.

The father becomes the child himself for the happiness of the child.

One father is equal to 100 teachers.