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These motivational quotes, which change our thinking

Running away from a problem is inviting another problem.

You have to deal with challenges and problems in life, this is the truth of life. No fisherman can become skilled in a calm pond.


” Such things spoken by thinkers, philosophers and great personalities in different contexts give us positive energy. Their life experiences are summed up in these words. Therefore, the words of such thinkers, philosophers, etc. are included here.


If you want to understand life, look back. If you want to live, look ahead.


Choose the job that interests you. You will not feel like you have worked a single day in your entire life.


These are six happiness, being healthy, not being in debt, not living in a foreign country, being in the company of good friends, making a living by one’s actions and being fearless.

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The people you want join in your happiness. However, those people who want you join in your suffering.


Anger creates confusion, confusion confuses the intellect. When the intellect is disturbed, then the logic is destroyed. When reason is destroyed, the person falls.

Srimad Bhagavata Gita

Health is the greatest gift, happiness is the greatest wealth, loyalty is the greatest relationship.

Gautama Buddha

Optimistic people remain optimistic even in difficult situations. They look for their opportunity in that situation. Negative people are always looking for excuses.


6 types of people are always sad, jealous, hating, dissatisfied, angry, suspicious and dependent.

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One great thing can be learned from Leo, whatever one wants to do, do it with heart and with strong effort.


You don’t need to be great to start anything. However, to be great, you need a start.