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Did you get a profile lock feature on your Facebook?

May 29, 2023 Facebook launched the ‘Profile Lock’ feature in India three years ago to protect user privacy. The company had released this feature after increasing incidents of abuse and fraud on Facebook, especially against women in India.

Gradually, the company started providing the profile lock feature in areas where privacy is given more priority or where user privacy is a major challenge for the country.
In Nepal, Facebook has not officially issued a notification that it has provided ‘profile lock feature’. Lately, some users in Nepal have started to see the profile lock option on their accounts.

What is the profile lock feature on Facebook?

This is a feature that when enabled (applied), only people who are friends with you can see the post, story, photo, reel, video or any other update you put on Facebook. Similarly, the facility to view your Facebook profile or cover photo by zooming is only available to the account you have added.

The ‘Profile Lock’ feature hides all the posts you have uploaded from external profiles. Similarly, no one can take a screenshot of the profile of the locked account. Therefore, the company believes that this feature is important to protect the privacy of users. Along with this, the company also made the profile guard feature available. The profile guard feature also works like the profile lock feature.

Follow the below procedure to see if profile log feature is available or not

-First of all, open the Facebook app.

-Then go to the profile icon on the top right and tap on your name.

-Then, tap on the three dots next to the Add to Story box.

-And, if there is an option of ‘Lock Profile’, then you can understand that the feature is available in your profile.

-If you want to enable that feature, tap on the Lock Profile option.

-And tap on the ‘Lock Your Profile’ option at the bottom.

-If you do this, your profile will be locked.