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2080 magh 10 see Wednesday’s horoscope

Aries – Health will be strong and work will also be beneficial. There will be little benefit in business. There is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a special job for the future. There will be many benefits in business. Various support and gifts will be given. Material resources will be gathered. Income will also be good. May be honored as a guest.


Taurus – There is good profit from animal husbandry and agriculture sector, but unexpected diseases seem to bother you. Time may pass in other’s work. It will take a lot of effort to achieve success. The heart will be sad because the work is not completed. Unnecessary visits may waste time. Health problems also seem to bother. There is a sum of money spent on treatment.


Gemini – Efforts can result in significant material gains. The help of friends will give courage. A long awaited job can be done. If you are not careful in time, it seems that the work will deteriorate and the expenses will increase. According to the effort, there will be little benefit. There may be weakness in knowledge and disputes in transactions. Problems of the past may arise.


Cancer – There is a time to fall into theft or fraud. Be very careful when doing financial transactions. Time will pass in unnecessary running. Even with great efforts, it will be difficult to achieve. Ignoring the suggestions of well-wishers will lead to sorrow. Others may deceive. You will feel weak.


Leo – It is likely to be a fun trip. Hard work can bring changes in lifestyle. The income will increase and the needs of the family will be fulfilled. Investment can be increased for sustainable benefits. The competition will be won. There will be good benefits in business and financial gain.


Virgo – You will be able to make a good impact in your field. It is time to earn rewards, rewards and prestige. Social responsibility will increase. In terms of work, friendship with specific personalities will increase. Interest in the fields of art, literature, entertainment etc. will increase. Enthusiasm will be awakened by completing the work that has been stopped. Rights can be established only through struggle. Enemies will be sidelined.


Libra – You will get benefits from land, vehicles and ancestral property. There will be many benefits in business. It’s time to make a record. Those who are motivated by good will will benefit if they will get into controversy due to their own weakness. Professional work will be done while trying. Be careful when using vehicles.


Scorpio – there will be a proper evaluation of the work. There will be progress in studies. It was an exciting time. There is a possibility of gaining new knowledge. It is time to start the profitable work. The work done will be well appreciated. Gathering even material means will bring happiness. There will be an opportunity to have a fun trip. There will also be leisure from the pressure of work.


Sagittarius – hard work will increase income. There is a time when the income will increase and the amount to be raised will be available. There will be good benefits in partnership. If the source of income will increase, there is a time to get more benefits in business. A new hope will arise with family members. The bonds of love and friendship will be strengthened and the married couple will be happy.


Capricorn – In terms of work, there may be competition with powerful people. Getting interested in other people’s affairs will cause trouble. In spite of ill-health, work responsibilities will increase. Significant time can be spent on small tasks. Those who are jealous of you can hinder your work.


Aquarius – It will be difficult to achieve even if you try hard. Stay away from family. Ignoring the suggestions of well-wishers will lead to sorrow. Those who show hope of help can deceive, be aware. Expenses in professional work will increase. Illness can cause delays in work. Unpleasant news makes you sad.


Pisces – Advice and support from children or followers and maternal power will be beneficial. Ambitious plans will gradually come to fruition. There will be special benefits for those who are in business. It is time to increase investment in matters of interest. Various opportunities will follow. It seems that the expected benefits in business will not arise.

-J. Pt. Tulsi Bharadwaj Niraula