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Aries – Expenses will increase in professional work, important time may be spent in other’s work. However, service work will bring prestige. Even if the opportunity comes, think before starting a new job. The time is moderate. The heart will be happy with one opportunity after another. You will get support and encouragement from relatives and friends.


Taurus – Today the income will be good. Honor can be received as a guest. Pay attention to health. There will be special benefits in industry and business. Enemies and competitors can be easily defeated. There is a day when time will pass in entertainment, it seems that there may be a long journey.


Gemini – Relying on helpers who are unable to devote time to reading and writing may not be able to do all the work, but it seems that there will be financial benefits. Although there are some problems in agriculture, there is a chance to earn a lot of money. There is a sum of benefits without competition. There will be more momentum in the work being done, benefits in business



Cancer – Unable to complete work due to poor health. Failure to complete work on time may result in missed opportunities. Today there may be a quarrel in the neighborhood, be careful, rupees may be lost. Labor may not be properly evaluated. It seems that the income will also be hindered. Be careful.


Leo – There is a time to be more profitable in business. If the income increases, the needs of the family will be fulfilled. The fear of spoiling the work will keep haunting. Making a promise to Besur will bring sorrow. It seems that honor will also be hurt. Only time will pass in the work visit. Problems can be added. tiny

There are days when time passes at work.


Virgo – It is time to enjoy conjugal happiness as well as to strengthen bonds of love and friendship. Various support and gifts will be given. Being able to do work easily will arouse enthusiasm. A small effort will do a great job. Time will be spent in charitable activities. It is time to perform auspicious deeds. There will be opportunities for pilgrimage.


Libra – You will find a lot of people who support you in happiness, new hope will grow with the support of family members. Keep your ambitious plan a secret. You may not get the expected benefits from animals and agriculture, the day is normal. It is time for social responsibility. Even the stopped work will be edited. Taking on new tasks and responsibilities

There is a chance.


Scorpio – It seems that there will be obstacles in the main work. If you have to get involved in small household chores, your mind will be sad. The goal could not be achieved due to deterioration of physical means. Health remained poor. The planned work may not be completed on time. Don’t put so much effort into reading and writing. After a lot of investment, you can get low returns.


Sagittarius – If you are not serious about the problem, you may lose the opportunity. Ishtamitra can turn away due to his own weakness. Today you will be well supported by your colleagues. It is time to finish the work that has been stopped and start a new one. You will get double benefits from the same work. There will be progress in reading. The fear of losing work can haunt you.


Capricorn – It is time to start a profitable work. There will be good benefits in partnership. Sources of income will increase. Work can be done through mother. It seems that money will be earned from unexpected places. Taking interest in other people’s affairs will lead to controversy. Carelessness can cost money.


Kumbha-obligation can cause trouble. There is a possibility of being cheated by those who show hope of help. The process of long journey will continue. Dealing with the situation will make you sad. Stomach upset. Others may claim rights to their content. He should be punished for the mistakes he did not make. government

You will be a victim of Kadikadau.


Pisces – Be careful while driving. Transaction disputes may cause trouble. Purano disease can also bother you. For others, it seems that wisdom and labor must be spent. Those who give assurances can be deceived. There may be weakness in knowledge and disputes in transactions. There may be problems in professional work as well.

-J. Pt. Tulsi Bharadwaj Niraula