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Sunday Rashifal

Aries – Trusting a bad personality will lead to deception at work. Dissatisfaction in the family may increase due to own weakness. If health becomes strong, various opportunities can follow. You will get relief from disputes and various problems of work. If you try, difficult tasks will be solved easily. If the prowess will increase, there may be a lot of financial gain.


Taurus – Failure to make a decision in time may result in the loss of an opportunity. There is a possibility of injury to respect, be careful. Stopped work will be completed today, new work will be started. Business will also benefit. The day is normal. Collected precious metals. You will get social prestige. The enemy will be defeated.


Gemini – working on superstitions will cause suffering. Be aware that there may be obstacles in religious work. Hard work will bring a change in lifestyle. But there may be some misunderstandings in the family, be careful. Political access will increase. However, some disputes may arise regarding land and other permanent assets, so please be careful.


Cancer – National level respect can be obtained. There will be a meeting with a distinguished personality. Auspicious work will be done. Relatives can get help in work. Back or joint problems can bother you. Increase in income will increase enthusiasm. Due to one’s own weakness, the opportunity may be lost. The company of a bad personality is likely to hurt the honor.


Leo – The support of the family will increase the enthusiasm. Be careful with heavy food for health. Good news will inspire enthusiasm at work. Competitors can be left behind. There will be a meeting with relatives. You will get good benefits in business and industry. Interest in reading, writing, music and art will increase along with proper appreciation of talent.


Virgo – It is a beneficial day for those who do research studies. You can gain money from a long trip. It is time to tighten the bonds of love and friendship. There will be good benefits in business. You may get the help of friends or relatives. You will get a lot of benefits from the land. With the help of friends and relatives


Libra – Victim of harassment from government agencies. Penalties are also possible. There is a possibility of increasing disagreement between husband and wife. Head and stomach problems may bother you. There will be delay in the scheduled work. Political and social influence seems to weaken due to ill health.


Scorpio – It is time to increase investment in business. Relatives and family members will increase their sense of intimacy. There is a planetary yoga that causes some pain to the spouse. It seems that it is difficult to identify health problems and diseases.


Sagittarius – You will get a lot of money from business today. Material means will gather. There will also be good benefits from agricultural produce and livestock. It is time to edit work that has been stopped for a long time. There is a chance to start a new industry or special work. Political access will increase. A new job may start. Financial problems will also be solved.


Capricorn – You may get an opportunity to visit, but there is a possibility that there will be disagreements with house-land and relationships. There will be good progress in reading. Children or followers will also make you happy. There is also a possibility of long distance travel. Various opportunities will follow. You will also get relief for some time from various problems of litigation or work.


Kumbha – There may be obstacles in work. Competitors can take their place. In addition, old diseases can cause pain again. It seems that there will be some slowdown in business along with increase in household expenditure. Domestic problems can hinder important work. Disputes may arise in house-land or permanent assets. However, friendship with eminent personalities will increase.


Be careful when using vehicles or weapons as you may experience injuries or bone-joint problems. Financial problems will be solved. Family relations may become weak.

-J. Pt. Tulsi Bharadwaj Niraula