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Aries – If new plans are made, old problems can be solved. Repeating the stopped work will be beneficial. Procrastination can spoil the work and also lead to lost opportunities. Disputes may also arise in permanent assets. Even if you can’t give time to study, please work patiently It will continue to happen.



Taurus – You will enjoy eating in the midst of fun gatherings. Various opportunities will follow. Business goals may not be achieved. There is weakness in health and expenditure on treatment. There will be a decrease in intimacy between family members and relatives. However, broken relationships and past weaknesses

It can be improved gradually.


Gemini – You will be able to collect a sustainable source of income even if it is expensive. Even if close friends move away, distant friends will come closer. Unable to complete the task due to poor health. Responsibilities will continue to increase. Carelessness in eating will make health weak. Not able to spend time on reading and writing.


Cancer – health problems seem to bother you. There is a sum of money spent on treatment. There may be weakness in knowledge and disputes in transactions. Compulsions can cause unnecessary confusion. Betrayed by those who showed hope of help. Not realizing it in time will only cost you. Tempters can be deceived.


Leo-Motivators will also be found in abundance. Delicious food was enjoyed in the middle of a fun gathering. You can get an opportunity to have a fun trip. Business income will increase. The beneficial work can be started later. The process of long journey will continue. Even if you have to make some compromises with the situation, you will be able to protect your rights and reputation.


Even if some problems arise due to girl-talk, the helpers will bring benefits. There is a possibility of long journey. Not able to devote time to study. Transactional disputes can cause harm. Previous problems may recur. Even if you get the opportunity to eat delicious food, stomach problems may bother you. Unnecessary gatherings

Disrupt work.


Libra – Thoughtful work will come to fruition. Time to earn name, price and reward. Illness also seems to bother me. Your heart will be sad because your work is postponed. It is time to get reputation through service work. Failure to be persistent may be criticized by others. You can comment on your weaknesses.


Scorpio – There may be a dispute over land or ancestral property. However, you will be given responsibility for prestigious work. It seems that you have to get involved in small work and domestic problems. The plan may be postponed due to lack of funds. Work pressure may increase in agriculture. Even if there are some problems in Chaupaya, there is a time to earn a lot of money.


Sagittarius – Various problems may arise in professional work as well. Even if it causes some problems, willpower and hard work will bring good benefits. If you try, you will achieve your goal. Hard work can win the race. Material means will gather. There will be special benefits in industry and business. Opponents can be defeated easily.


Capricorn – There is an opportunity to start a new business. It is time to earn money, reward and reputation. It seems that there will be transactions in rupees. Not so much benefit in professional work. Work may be interrupted. It is time to receive various gifts. Associates will provide good support. It is time to finish the work that has been stopped and start a new one.


Kumbh – Hard work will win the trust of many. Even if pressured by others, closeness with specific personalities will increase in terms of work. The mind will be happy because the thought work can be edited easily. The day will be fun along with the meeting with the beloved. Ignoring the suggestions of well-wishers will lead to misfortune.


Pisces – It will be beneficial to proceed by believing in deeds rather than gifts. In addition to increasing income, great work can be done, even if you have to deal with difficult situations, you will be able to find the goal if you apply wisdom. Unpleasant news will upset the mind. There is a possibility that the work will be stopped due to lack of money. Profit from past labor

will be

-J. Pt. Tulsi Bharadwaj Niraula