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30 Gate ko Rasifal

Aries –
In addition to disputes over ancestral property, there is time for sharing shares among brothers, diligence towards business and agriculture can become a big task. Competition with colleagues will increase. You will have to stay away from your relatives for no reason. Concerns about parents will increase. Faithful will betray. There will be some problems in foreign employment.


There will be a feeling of loneliness. Due to the influence of Rahu, there can be problems like disputes, loss of wealth, scandals. It seems that family discord, resentment and anger will increase with relationships. Social prestige will decrease. You will have to face delays and challenges at work. Defamation or failure is also possible.

Gemini –
The level of reading and writing among students will drop. Family problems will arise. Disputes in partnership and disagreements between husband and wife will increase. Education and partnership will benefit. Charity and auspicious work done. You will be respected. Time seems favorable for friendship, love and marriage.

cancer –
Stomach and chest problems may bother you. It is a favorable time for students. Many stalled jobs will be created. Along with success in intellectual work, there will be progress in studies. Additional income will increase. Interest in meditation, meditation or composition will increase.

New industries can be started. Social service and charity work will be done. Lack of income will hinder major progress. Good employment, job entry or promotion is possible. There is also the sum of favorable transfers. Animosity may increase with relatives. Nerves or joint problems can also bother you. Time will be unfavorable.

Obstacles in health, problems at work and disagreements between relatives seem to increase. False accusations will come. The time seems very favorable for those who are traveling abroad. The helpers or followers will also start competing. In addition to progress in agriculture and business, there will be opportunities to earn a lot of money. There may be a new job entry, promotion or favorable transfer.

Big benefits can be reaped with the help of small people. There will be good progress in education. There is a time of increased intellectual influence and various opportunities. There will be material wealth gain from spouse and children. There is an opportunity to connect house-land. There is yoga up to foreign travel for special studies.

There is a possibility of getting a new job or promotion. Business will expand. Those who betray trust will continue to persecute. Interest in charity and social work will arise. There will also be progress in reading. Thinking power will increase. Those who talk will start to praise, food and wealth will also increase.

It is time to acquire permanent wealth. Social prestige will increase and respect will be gained. With support from spouse and help of associates, work will be easily successful. There is a special achievement time for students. You will get good support from the helper. There will be benefits in education and partnership, there will be general discord at home. .

Time to add permanent assets. A new job, promotion or a favorable transfer is possible. Unable to use intelligence. There is a possibility of misinterpretation of speech, disputes and financial crisis. Power will be curbed. You will get benefit and happiness from children. Long-term plans will be edited.

Aquarius –
It seems that there will be good profits in agriculture and animal husbandry and in industry and trade. Various means of income will be found. In addition to becoming strong, respect will also be gained. Sources of income will increase. There will be various opportunities for entrepreneurs and employment. Interest in religious and social work will arise.

Established business, agriculture and industry can be continued. You have to face many challenges for no reason. Sources of income will be abundant. You will get more success than expected in business. Good results can be achieved in reading and writing. Various opportunities will follow.