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Kartik 15 gate Rashifal

Aries: Advancement will be progress. There will be support in the social sector. Married life is successful.

Taurus: Relatives will get help. You will get success in the field of learning. There is a possibility of falling into the trap of your own speech.


Gemini: Diseases will increase. Income and expenses seem to be equal.

Cancer: Competition is active. You have to be careful in your daily life. Will be with family.

Leo: Family will be happy. Be careful with your relatives and proceed in the competition. There is yoga to get rid of disease.

Virgo: Unfinished works will be completed. Enthusiasm will come from investment in education.

Libra: There will be family happiness. Studies seem to hinder teaching. There is a health problem.

Scorpio: He seems to be embarrassed by his own speech. Family will be happy. Will be good in politics.

Sagittarius: Disease will increase. Even if it is the day of Bhagya Udaya, expenses will increase.

Capricorn: There will be incomplete work. Income will increase.

Aquarius: There will be sweetness in speech. Thoughtful work will remain incomplete.

Pisces: The day is good. Will stay with friends. You will get respect. There will be income.