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Nepalese cricketer made three world records

Nepal has set three world records in cricket today.

Three records have been set in the ongoing match between Nepal and Mongolia in men’s cricket under the Asian Games.

Nepal set a record of 315 runs to Mongolia, who played international cricket for the first time. Nepal has added 314 runs by losing 3 wickets in scheduled 20 overs.


In the ongoing match, Nepal has set a world record for scoring the highest number of runs in T20 international cricket, previously the record was 278 runs scored by any team.


Second, Nepal’s Dipendrasingh Airi has set the record of the batsman who completed the T20 half-century in the fewest balls. Nepali cricketer Airi has broken the record previously held by India’s Yuvraj Singh by making a half-century in 12 balls.


Thirdly, Kushal Malla has also managed to create a new world record by completing a century in the lowest number of balls. He has completed a century in 34 balls. Earlier, it is stated that the world record of 35-ball century remains intact.