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See Horoscope for Monday 2nd Paush 2080

Aries – Close friends may drift away. Friendship with distant friends will increase. Good return from earlier investment and labor. Despite the expense, there will be an opportunity to lay the foundation for special work for the future. It is time to increase investment towards business and industry. If there is a weakness in health, the focus will be on studies. If you try, you can get an opportunity to travel abroad.

Taurus – As the expenses are slightly higher than the income, financial problems may appear. There may be delays in work. Be careful while using vehicles and weapons as there is a risk of injuries. The goal can be found through the use of intelligence. Powerful people are likely to compete. Pay attention to privacy.




Gemini – Agriculture, livestock will also get good profit. There is a time for promotion in the job and progress in education and writing. The support of relatives will be of special benefit, there is a possibility of getting a job or promotion. As the expenses seem to increase, try to save money. Forcible seizure can damage the work.




Cancer – There is a time to get awards, praise, fame etc. Bonds of love and friendship will be strengthened. Competitors will be defeated. Material means can be gathered. There will also be good benefits from agricultural produce and livestock, by working you will be able to attract the hearts of many. Hospitality will be honored. Hard work will earn you name, fame and reward.




Lion – The sources of income will also increase in addition to the stopped work. Good news will be heard. New businesses will expand. It will be spent on spiritual work. Purushartha done in difficult circumstances will bring prestige. There is an opportunity to start a job that will generate sustainable income.




Virgo – Headache or eye problems may bother you a bit. Failure to complete work on time may result in lost opportunities. Due to the loss of accumulated wealth, it is advisable to be careful in financial transactions. You can get good income employment opportunities. A word given to others in a hurry can cause trouble.




Libra – Comments or complaints about your weaknesses may increase. Even if there is disagreement with relatives, well-wishers will support them. Keep your plans secret to protect your social reputation. Charity work will be done. It is time to edit the work depending on the speech. The knot of love and friendship can be tightened.




Scorpio – You will get respect and gain a lot of income. There may be some misunderstandings in the family. There will be more profit than expected from the business. A new action plan will be formed and new work will also be started. Even if the work is normal, the income will be good. There may be opportunities to invest in long-term benefits.




The formula of success can be found through the use of Sagittarius intelligence. The best clothes, food and special gifts can be on hand. Foreign trade will remain satisfactory. Expenses will increase and work will be interrupted. It’s time to take action with courage. Name, price and reward can be obtained by showing courage.




Capricorn – There will be general benefits from agriculture and livestock. Best friends may drift away. There will be problems in love relationship. Success in important work will bring benefits of sudden wealth. Interest in studies will increase. Labor will be properly evaluated. Even if it is expensive, you can get the opportunity to travel a long way.




Aquarius – It would be wise to stay away from arguments and quarrels. Opposite sex or well-wishers will support. Friendships with specific personalities will increase. Additional benefits can be gained by using land, vehicles and ancestral property. Ignoring the feelings of others will cause problems. Covering up weaknesses will lead to grief.




Pisces – By using intelligence, one can avoid the enemy. Bonds of love and friendship may be strengthened. There is a possibility of getting a job from a temporary job. There is a chance to earn money, reward and prestige. Bonds of friendship and love may be strengthened. There will be progress in studies. Many will be surprised by the display of talent.