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SEE result public

The National Examination Board has released the results of this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE) today.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Deepak Sharma, informed that the result has been published after the decision of the board meeting. The board has published the results for the last time according to the system of 2072.


A total of 485 thousand 396 students from 12 thousand 83 public and private schools across the country participated in the examination conducted in 2 thousand 37 examination centers across the country from 17th March to 29th March.

242 thousand 712 female students and 242 thousand 674 male students have given the exam. 15,461 examinees from the technical side also participated in the SEE.

According to the system of 2072, there is a provision that students will pass even if they get 35 percent marks in theory and practical combined.

According to the system of 2072, those who score 90 to 100 percent get A plus, those who score less than 80 to 90 get A, those who score less than 70 to 80 get B plus, those who score less than 60 to 70 get B, those who score less than 50 to 60 get C plus, and those who score less than 40 to 50. C is awarded to those who score low, D plus to those who score below 30 to 40, D to those who score below 20 to 30 and E grade to those who score below 20.


According to the new guidelines 2078, students must score 35 percent in theoretical subjects. According to the new system, those who score less than 35 percent in all subjects will be kept as non-graded.

List of websites publishing SEE Result (2079/2080)

According to the information of National Examination Board Examination Control Office, Class 10 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, you can easily check your SEE result 2079 from the following website.

  1. www.see.gov.np
  2. www.neb.gov.np
  3. www.see.ntc.net.np
  4. www.see.nicasiabank.com
  5. www.see.edusanjal.com
  6. www.ekantipur.com
  7. www.theconnectplus.com
  8. www.khalti.com/app
  9. www.neemaacademy.com
  10. www.mypay.com.np
  11. www.nepaleducationportal.com
  12. www.ayoresult.com
  13. www.results.matraeducation.com
  14. www.tuteeline.com

This arrangement will be implemented from next year.