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See the horoscope of Mata Pathibhara on Tuesday 24th Paush

Aries- Mangya will get an opportunity to earn money. It will be easy to win the hearts of others. There is a time when the income will increase and the amount to be raised will be available. You can benefit from agriculture and livestock. If the interest in work will decrease, bad thoughts will settle in the mind.


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Taurus – There is a sign that your work will be highly appreciated by others. Bids will be appreciated. Heard any special happy news. Working environment for good work. With the help given to the day-sufferer, the stopped work can be done, you will get an opportunity to invest money.

Gemini – It is beneficial in the business sector. It is time for old friends and lovers to meet. There is a sum of special benefits in industry and trade. Colleagues will support you and you will get success in your work as expected. Things like support, rewards and encouragement will increase, broken works will be done.

Cancer – speech may have the opposite meaning, please keep your speech under control. Business may suffer and employees may suffer, travel may become fatal. There is a possibility of betrayal from the trusted person. It would be better if you don’t travel.

Leo – There is a possibility of betrayal by the person you trust. Family problems will make you sad. There will be no special interest in study, teaching and writing. There is also the fear of injury. It seems that there will be some weakness in the health of the parents, there will be an opportunity to participate in the meeting.

Kanya-Misthanan food will be received. There will be progress in studying, unexpected things will happen. Confidence and ability to make quick decisions will increase. You will get help from the opposite sex. There is a chance to earn a lot of money. There is the yoga of karma. You will get good success.

Libra – The time will be entertaining. There is an opportunity to learn new knowledge. There is a possibility of business travel. Heard the news of the brother’s progress. Family life will be normal and satisfactory. There is a chance to get a lot of benefits from the business. Competitors can lose.

Scorpio – Time will be spent on small work and domestic problems. There will be obstacles in every work. There will be investments in areas that are caught in debates and do not get returns. There will be intellectual and creative success. There is a possibility that the health will be disturbed and the daily work will be affected.

Sagittarius – It is time to bear social responsibility. The mind will be in charity and religious fields. Married life seems to be happy and prosperous. Income will increase a lot. Along with family happiness, you will get to hear news of progress in the field of study and teaching.

Capricorn – You may get help from your parents in your work. It can be influenced by the opinion of parents or specific people. There is a sum of getting a vehicle, there will be profit in business. Talent will be appreciated in the society. Interest in religious activities will increase, the time seems exciting for those who live in the field of sports and art.

Kumbh – You can benefit through children or followers. There is the sum of travel. Respected people or parents may be angry. Concerns about land or household property may bother you. There will be no shortage of people to cut your words in society. It’s time for an emergency trip.

Pisces-body will experience laziness and fatigue. Hearing unpleasant news will make you sad. Mental stress will be created. Health problems may arise suddenly. In addition to the increase in expenses, laziness will increase in the body.