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X comes with audio and video calling feature, use it like this

X, known as Twitter, announced the audio and video call feature last year. With the goal of making X a super app, the company started providing such a feature from Wednesday.

Currently, this feature can be used only through the new update of X available in Apple’s app store. The company has not revealed when this feature will be available in the Android and web versions.

With this new feature, users can now make and receive audio and video calls. This feature is provided in DM ie direct messaging. Just like Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram have the option to make video and audio calls as well as messaging, X has also started providing the option of audio and video calls on its platform.

It is said that the company has integrated the iOS CallKit API in X for iOS devices, so calls can also be seen on the lock screen. However, on X, people prefer to have their own opinions and agree or disagree with others’ opinions through posts.

Many people may not like the audio and video call feature on the platform due to unnecessary and unknown DMs. If the audio and video call facility is available on your device, you can turn it off by following the procedure below.

-First of all open X app.

– Then, tap on your profile picture on the top left.

– After doing this, tap on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.

– Then tap on the ‘Privacy and Safety’ menu.

– And go to Direct Messaging option. )

– And choose different options for audio and video calls according to your needs.

There you can choose the option to receive calls only from people in your address book, accounts you follow or verified accounts.

If you don’t want to receive audio and video calls from anyone, turn off the option of ‘Enable audio and video calling’.